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Special Issue on "Natural and artificial Commons management" 

Call for Papers: 31/07/2016

Deadline: 15/04/2017

Publication Vol.4, Issue1,2017: 31.07.2017


About the Journal

The International Journal of Public and Private Management aims at exploring the latest theories in public and private administration and management in organizations; best practices and case studies in international policy; development and sustainability related issues, emphasizing inter-disciplinary work.

Forecasting the future is always risky, but staying without any changes is even more risky in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing global environments.

Being transformative or innovative does not always mean inventing or creating something new out of nothing. Sometimes we just need to pay attention to already existing best practice or combine different disciplines or field of study to find the point.

This special issue aims to provide interdisciplinary solutions to transform or to innovate policy, examine novel phenomena, employ original methodologies, and offer interesting empirical insights and theoretical contribution related to recombinant innovation dynamics.


About the issue on "Natural and Artificial Commons Management" 

Every society uses natural resources to build an artificial nature over “natural Nature”. Artificial nature is made by artificial resources. Some of them (for example: firms) are owned by single actors (shareholders) or are for personal use (for example, consumer goods). Others are for collective use such as infrastructure, savings and knowledge. We propose to enlarge the meaning of the word “commons” from natural resources to natural resources plus artificial resources for common use.

Of course both systems of artificial and natural nature evolve. The problem we would like to address in this issue of the International Journal of Public and Private Management is how to manage this co-evolution.


Specific topics we would like to address are:

  • new meanings of “commons”
  • the role of private and public property in advanced societies
  • artificial commons: infrastructures savings and knowledge
  • strategic management of commons and the role of Business Plans
  • organization management in infrastructure companies
  • the role of the financial market and  financial institutions in commons management 
  • origin and management of collective action
  • the role of stakeholders in commons management
  • dynamics of evolution of artificial commons
  • commons management as a trigger  of social development
  • cognitive resources necessary to manage commons: philosophy and systemics

We invite papers not only from scholars, but also managers, regulators, union officials and other stakeholders.




Manuscripts should be sent to: Francesco Zanotti, Co-editor in chief of the International Journal of Public and Private Management (

All manuscripts are refereed through a peer-review process. Submissions to the journal should be submitted online in Word or Rich Text formats. The text should be double-spaced and between 6000 and 8000 words in length, but longer pieces of up to 10,000 words may be considered. We accept also extended versions of papers previously published in conferences and/or journals.

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